Gramatyka praktyczna, I rok

This survey course has been devised to bring Britain's past nearer to students of the English language, literature and culture. It will introduce British history by concept and by approach rather than by traditional textbook chronology. There are two consequences of this method. First, the presentations of selected processes and institutions will cut across the temporal boundaries of conventional historical periods. Second, the lectures will not constitute a consistently linear narrative. They will provide samples of perspectives and interpretations currently offered in numerous areas of the historical discipline. Several broad themes will be covered: the territorial changes and the growth of the state, religion, economic transformations, social configurations, and the global impact of British culture.

Students are advised to read the recommended fragments from the course books before each lecture. Careful study of the visuals and their captions in the main coursebook is strongly advised. The course ends with a written examination based on the contents of the lectures and the course texts.


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  • Kenneth O. Morgan, The Oxford History of Britain (OUP: Oxford and New York, 1993).


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